The surround and stereo work places at NSONICS
main equipment work place 1:
Yamaha DM2000, 96 channel digital mixing desk with RME-ADI8-QS AD/DA,
monitoring: five ADAM S3A + Genelec 1094A (stereo + surround)
hardware reverbs and FX: two TC M6000 mainframes + Icon and MD5.1 surround mastering license,
two Yamaha SREV1 convolution reverbs, EMT 248, Lexicon MX400, Eventide DSP4000,
Quantec 2496 surround room simulator, Quantec 2402 stereo room simulator, Yamaha DMP7D
other outboard: Juenger Accent 1 dynamic processor, AKAI DD1500/DR16Pro editor
microphone interfacing: three Neumann DMI-2 digital microphone interfaces (6 Ch.), Sennheiser MZD8000,
two Audio & Design DMA-2 digital controlled preamps
microphones: Schoeps, DPA + B&K, Neumann Digital (Solution-D), Shure, SoundField, Sennheiser, Line Audio,
hardware synthesizers and samplers: Access Virus TI Polar, two Yamaha EX5R, Yamaha VL1m,
Roland V-Synth and V-Synth XT, AKAI MPC4000, Roland VP-9000, AKAI S1100
sound design processing: Symbolic Sound Kyma with Caypybara-320 hardware, INA GRM Tools, Zynaptiq, SoundMorph, MetaSynth 6,
SpectralLayers Pro
DAW software: Nuendo 8, Cubase 9.5 Pro, ProTools 9 HD, Logic Pro 9, Samplitude Pro X3, Ableton Live 9, Melodyne Studio4,
Acon Digital Acoustica 7 Premium
plug ins (selection): Waves Diamond + Waves Surround 360 bundles, Native Instruments Komplete 8, Sonnox, McDSP,
UAD-2, Solid-State-Logic Duende Native, Halion 6, Plugin Alliance, Virsyn, Korg Legacy collections, D16, DMG Audio, Eventide, Softube Modular,
Lexicon PCM Total Bundle, Flux, u-he, Eventide, Exponential Audio Phoenix Surround Reverb, Applied Acoustics, Melodyne Studio 4,
NoiseMakers Ambisonics and binaural processing
additional Software: WaveLab 6 + 9,5 EL (PC), WaveLab 9.5 Pro (Mac), Sound Forge 2.5 Mac, Sound Forge Pro 11, Audition CS6,
DSP Quattro 5, iZotope RX6 Advanced spectral editor, Final Cut Studio, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15, SurCode DTS-HD encoder,
additional controllers: Jazzmutant Dexter/Lemur, iPad2 + iPad 5th Gen, Native Instruments Maschine, c-thru Axis 49
location recording: Sound Devices 744T, Tascam DR-701D, 2x Neumann DMI-2p, Grace Design V3 preamp+A/D,
MacBook Pro + Boom Recorder Pro software, Nuendo Live
main computer: MacPro with RME HDSPe MADI + RME Hammerfall PCIe + DigiFace
main equipment work place 2:
hardware reverbs and FX: EMT 248, Ibanez DM500, DM1000, DM1100, Pioneer EFX1000
microphone preamp: True Systems P-Solo,
software: Cubase 9.5 Pro, Ableton Live 9, ProTools 12, Halion 5, Native Instruments Komplete 8, Acon Acoustica 7 Premium, Wave Editor, TwistedWave,
WaveLab 9.5 EL
plug ins (selection): Waves Diamond bundle, VirSyn, Korg Legacy collections, SSL Duende, Lexicon PCM Native Reverb, Plugin Alliance, McDSP, Softube
main computer: MacMini with RME FireFace UC
analog: Korg MS-20 synthesizer (original)
additional controllers: McMillen QuNexus, Korg MS20 Legacy controller
monitoring: TC Electronic BMC-2 D/A with ADAM A7 (stereo), five Genelec 1029A + 1091A (surround)